Parroquia San Luis de Tolosa, Aserrí<br> 聖德洛薩教堂
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Parroquia San Luis de Tolosa, Aserrí

A Church located in San José, Costa Rica.聖德洛薩教堂位於哥斯達黎加首都聖荷西。 Location San José Province, Aserri, Costa Rica Facility N/A Opening Hours Everyday Communication Tel: N/A Email: N/A Discover more about Parroquia San…

Irazú Volcano<br>伊拉蘇火山
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Irazú Volcano

This park protects colossal Irazu, which, at 3,432 meters above sea level, is the tallest volcano in Costa Rica. The active volcano has a long history of eruptions. This protected…

Bahía Ballena<br>鯨灣
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Bahía Ballena

Playa Bahia Ballena (Whale Bay) in Costa Rica is a beautiful and famous beach known for the nearby Marino Ballena National Park. Bahia Ballena is on the Southern Pacific coast…

Moín Container Terminal<br>莫因集裝箱碼頭
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Moín Container Terminal

The Moín Container Terminal (MCT) is built on an artificial island off the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Operational since February 2019, its goal is to be the most efficient…

Joker Stairs<br>小丑樓梯
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Joker Stairs

The movie “Joker” was an unprecedented success, and the stories and characters in the movie caused a lot of discussion. In the movie, the long staircase where the clown dances…

Brooklyn Bridge<br>布魯克林大橋
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Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge in New York was built in 1883. It was the world’s first suspension bridge made of steel and was responsible for connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn. The high-profile…