Parroquia San Luis de Tolosa, Aserrí<br> 聖德洛薩教堂
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Parroquia San Luis de Tolosa, Aserrí

A Church located in San José, Costa Rica.聖德洛薩教堂位於哥斯達黎加首都聖荷西。 Location San José Province, Aserri, Costa Rica Facility N/A Opening Hours Everyday Communication Tel: N/A Email: N/A Discover more about Parroquia San…

San José, Costa Rica<br>哥斯達黎加 聖荷西
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San José, Costa Rica
哥斯達黎加 聖荷西

Costa Rica’s capital, San José, is in the Central Valley. It has world-class museums, parks, hotels, theaters, and historic buildings. It’s an extensive plain, guarded by majestic volcanoes and green…