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Albenga, Italy
意大利 阿爾本加

Albenga, situated in the middle of a wide inlet with a sandy beach at the mouth of the Centa river, reconciles its role as an important market in the horticultural and fruit and vegetable sector



Amazing Bakery

Amazing Bakery 每天提供新鮮製作的糕點、咖啡及鮮榨果汁等。


The main ski area in Artesina is the ski resort Mondolè Ski – Artesina/Frabosa Soprana/Prato Nevoso.

Assynt, Scotland

Assynt is a small parish of just over one thousand people tucked away in the far North Western corner of Scotland.

Azzita Hoverland

Azzita Hoverland is a venue space providing a variety of activities including Hoverboard Class,

Bahía Ballena

Playa Bahia Ballena (Whale Bay) in Costa Rica is a beautiful and famous beach known for the nearby Marino Ballena National Park.


We have provided consultation services and training programs to over hundred organizations

Basilica di Santo Stefano

Basilica di Santo Stefano, a church of very ancient origins, was built on the remains of the large fortress.

Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels

Built in 1921, this church houses a small shrine where the faithful worship Costa Rica’s patron saint in hopes of a miracle, to be healed or to give thanks for prayers answered.

Bazylika Zwiastowania Najświętszej

In 1608 Bernardines from Przeworsk came to Leżajsk. In the years 1618–1628 a parish church (smaller basilica) was built in the late Renaissance style, funded by Łukasz Opaliński.

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge in New York was built in 1883. It was the world’s first suspension bridge made of steel and was responsible for connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn.