Joker Stairs<br>小丑樓梯
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Joker Stairs

The movie “Joker” was an unprecedented success, and the stories and characters in the movie caused a lot of discussion. In the movie, the long staircase where the clown dances…

Brooklyn Bridge<br>布魯克林大橋
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Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge in New York was built in 1883. It was the world’s first suspension bridge made of steel and was responsible for connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn. The high-profile…

The Vessel
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The Vessel

The new landmark “Vessel” in New York, designed by Heatherwick Studio led by British genius designer Thomas Heatherwick, opened in 2019. With 2,500 steps, 80 viewing platforms, and an 8-storey…

Times Square, New York<br>紐約時代廣場
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Times Square, New York

Times Square is a landmark of New York and is also known as the crossroads of the world. There are many well-known shopping malls, luxury fashion brands, star restaurants and…

Grand Central Terminal, New York<br>紐約中央車站
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Grand Central Terminal, New York

Be transported by the iconic beauty and lasting legacy of Grand Central Terminal. This historic world-famous landmark in Midtown Manhattan is not simply a transportation hub—it’s also a shopping, dining,…