The new landmark “Vessel” in New York, designed by Heatherwick Studio led by British genius designer Thomas Heatherwick, opened in 2019. With 2,500 steps, 80 viewing platforms, and an 8-storey “Vessel” challenge the alternative public space, providing visitors with a full mile of vertical climbing experience, with views of New York’s Hudson River and Manhattan .

由英國鬼才設計師 Thomas Heatherwick 帶領的 Heatherwick Studio 所設計的紐約新地標「Vessel」於2019年開幕。2,500 個階梯、80 個觀景台,8層樓高的「Vessel」挑戰了另類的公共空間型態,為參觀者提供足足一英里長的垂直攀爬體驗,可欣賞紐約 Hudson River 以及曼哈頓景觀。

  • Location

    20 Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001, United States

  • Facility

    購物中心 / 餐廳 / 商店 / 公園
    Shopping Mall / Restaurant / Shop / Park

  • Opening Hours

    每日早上10:00 - 晚上9:00 (暫停開放)
    10:00am - 9:00pm Everyday (Temporarily Closed)

  • Communication

    Tel: +1-332 204-8500

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