In 1608 Bernardines from Przeworsk came to Leżajsk. In the years 1618–1628 a parish church (smaller basilica) was built in the late Renaissance style, funded by Łukasz Opaliński. In 1630, the church was consecrated by Bishop Adam Nowodworski.

In 1657, the church was partially destroyed by a fire caused by the troops of Jerzy Rakoczy II. In the years 1891–1896 it was thoroughly restored. On July 10, 1928, the church was elevated to the rank of Minor Basilica by Pope Pius XI.

1608年,來自普熱沃斯克的伯娜丁人在1618年至1628年間,以文藝復興後期的風格建造了一個教區教堂(較小的大教堂)。在1630年,教堂由主教亞當·諾沃德斯基(Adam Nowodworski)奉獻。 1657年,教堂因耶爾齊·拉科奇二世(Jerzy Rakoczy II)軍隊的大火被部分摧毀。在1891年至1896年,它被徹底修復。 1928年7月10日,教皇庇護十一世將教堂升格為大教堂。

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    Sanktuarium i Klasztor O.O. Bernardynów w Leżajsku, plac Mariacki 8, 37-300 Leżajsk, Poland

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