Tateishi Park is one of the best locations enjoying and the stunning views of Lake Suwa and Suwa City, Nagano. The nearest station to Tateishi Park is Kamisuwa Station. After stepping out of the Station, strictly walk ahead is the path directing to Tateishi Park. It takes about 40 minutes on foot to reach the park observation deck, so it is recommended to drive by car or take the city’s shuttle transportation. The journey takes about 10 minutes.
Here you can enjoy the different sceneries of Lake Suwa all seasons. The flowers in spring, the freshness in summer, and the maple leaves in autumn that all bring visitors the amazing experience. However, the most magnificent season is believed to be the snowy view in winter.
After freezing in winter, the lake will make a loud noise due to contraction and expansion, just like a god passing by a boat, so this phenomenon is also called “The Passage of Gods” by local residents. Here is also widely believed as the original scene of the lake background in the famous Japanese animation “Your Name”.

長野縣諏訪市的立石公園是其中一個俯瞰諏訪湖及諏訪市全景的最佳觀賞位置。立石公園位於諏訪湖旁,最近的車站是上諏訪站, 步出上諏訪站後,往前走就是前往立石公園登山的路。徒步約需40分鐘左右才能到達公園觀景臺,因此建議自駕或乘坐市內接駁交通工具前往,車程約10來分鐘。


  • Capacity

    up to 80 seated OR up to 100 standing

  • Venue Size

    Track 5000 sq feet / Restaurant 3000 sq feet

  • Opening Hours

    11:00 - 21:00 (Everyday)

  • Location

    Kamisuwa, Suwa, Nagano 392-0003, Japan

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