Hotel Alexandra <br> 歷山酒店
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Hotel Alexandra

Hotel Alexandra歷山酒店The newly built design-led Hotel Alexandra is conveniently located at the heart of Hong Kong Island on the North Point waterfront, approximately 2-minutes’ walk from the MTR Fortress Hill…

Grand Ballroom - Hotel Alexandra <br> 歷山酒店 宴會廳
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Grand Ballroom - Hotel Alexandra
歷山酒店 宴會廳

Grand Ballroom – Hotel Alexandra歷山酒店 宴會廳An extravagent grand ballroom adorned with impressive crystal chandeliers, engraved golden doors and majestic decor. Measuring a remarkable 935 sq. m. (9,990 sq. ft.) with…

The Cityview - Diamond Room <br> 城景國際 鑽石廳
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The Cityview - Diamond Room
城景國際 鑽石廳

Diamond Room, The Cityview城景國際酒店 鑽石廳Thick ply carpeting and elegant wall coverings greet you as you enter the famed Diamond Room, the perfect venue for cocktail parties, wedding receptions, luncheon gatherings,…

The Cityview - Crystal Ballroom <br> 城景國際 水晶殿
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The Cityview - Crystal Ballroom
城景國際 水晶殿

Crystal Ballroom, The Cityview城景國際酒店 水晶殿Plush carpeting, exquisite crystal ceiling fixtures, rich wall coverings and luxurious fabrics usher you into the spectacular Crystal Ballroom, the ideal venue for any business or…

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AmazingAmazing’s exquisite garden setting and comfortable environment is enhanced with a high skylight that creates an atmosphere of natural tranquillity.Amazing offers popular, quintessential Thai-style cuisine. Freshly prepared authentic dishes brimming…

Amazing Bakery
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Amazing Bakery

Amazing BakeryAmazing Bakery offer pastries, cake, coffee and fresh juice every day.Amazing Bakery 每天提供新鮮製作的糕點、咖啡及鮮榨果汁等。 Capacity 8-10 Venue Size 500 sqft Opening Hours Mon-Sun: 11am-7pm Location 油麻地九龍窩打老道23號城景國際大堂G/F, The Cityview, 23 Waterloo…