Located in Nagano Prefecture, Japan, Ryuoo Ski Park is a ski resort that allows you to enjoy the fun of skiing as well as the stunning scenery. The resort provides more than 10 ski trails of different difficulty levels and an adventure world suitable for family travel or trips with friends to enjoy snow fun together. There are a variety of snow activities including rubber dinghy and other amusement facilities will also let you experience the fun of snow regardless you are an enthusiast or layman of skiing.
Another major icon of the Ryuoo Ski Park is the cable car. The rope-way carries up to 166 passengers, one of the largest in the world, and this is a symbolic feature at Ryuoo. It takes you up to the SORA terrace over 1,700m above sea level where you will have a panoramic view of the Nagano area and you will have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent snow mountain and cloud sunrise.
When talk about traveling in Nagano, another must-visit attraction is believed to be “Jigokudani Yaen-Koen” (Also known as “Snow Monkey Resort”). Ancient people called this area Jigokudani (Hell valley) because of the very steep cliffs and the steam coming off the springs, but even that kind of severe environment here is a paradise for monkeys to live in. It’s only around 30 minutes away from Ryuoo Ski Park by driving and some travellers love to experience such interesting ecological journey after Ryuoo Ski Park.

位於日本長野縣內的「龍王滑雪公園」是一個既能讓你感受滑雪樂趣的同時,又能欣賞到絕美景色的滑雪度假區。最高滑雪道海拔超過1,900公尺的「龍王滑雪公園」,擁有多達10條以上難度各有不同的滑雪道之外,也規劃打造了適合家庭、三五知己好友一同享受雪地樂趣的冰雪世界,提供各式的雪上活動包括雪上橡皮艇、滑雪車等遊樂設施,務求令滑雪愛好者還是門外漢都能一齊體驗雪地的樂趣。 龍王滑雪公園另一項最大的特色,就是擁有全日本最大級的空中纜車「龍王空中纜車」,最多可同時乘載超過150人,由山腰直達海拔超過1,700公尺的山頂。冬天來訪的話,沿途可欣賞醉人的千樹掛霜美景,到達山頂的Sora Terrace後,更有機會欣賞壯麗的雪山雲海日出等景緻。而在秋季到訪的話,則能細味紅葉的山林景色,別具特色。 說到長野縣旅遊,另一個知名的必看風景相信就是「雪猴泡溫泉」了。超人氣景點「地獄谷野猿公苑」,在冬天的時候可以看到成群結隊的雪猴們一臉享受地在泡溫泉,而龍王滑雪公園前往距離野猿公苑最近的「湯田中駅」,只需約30分鐘車程。有興趣前往參觀的遊人可以參考龍王滑雪公園或入住酒店的免費或付費接駁巴士資訊,便能輕鬆前往體驗有趣的生態之旅。

  • Capacity

    up to 80 seated OR up to 100 standing

  • Venue Size

    Track 5000 sq feet / Restaurant 3000 sq feet

  • Opening Hours

    11:00 - 21:00 (Everyday)

  • Location

    Ryuoo-Kogen, Ymananouchi-Machi, Shimotakai-Gun, Nagano, Japan

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