Privacy Policy

TraVR HK Limited (‘TraVR’, ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’) are committed to protecting your personal data privacy and complying with data protection regulations and principles under applicable laws.
We may collect, process, use and disclose your information when you use this website (or, ‘TraVR Platform’) and the services offered by TraVR or the third party operators (the ‘Operators’) through TraVR Platform (the ‘Services’) as described in this Privacy Policy. ‘You’ and ‘your’ when used in this Privacy Policy includes any person who accesses TraVR Platform or use the Services.
This Privacy Policy sets out the basis and terms upon which TraVR collects, processes, uses and/or discloses your information that is obtained from you when you access TraVR Platform and/or use the Services. Such information may include personal information relating to or linked to a specific individual such as name, telephone number, email address, or any such information we have requested and you have provided through TraVR Platform (‘Personal Information’).
Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. By visiting TraVR Platform, you agree with the collection, processing, usage and disclosure of your Personal Information as set out in this Privacy Policy.

Scope of Terms
• TraVR reserves the right to update, amend or modify the terms of this Privacy Policy or any part of it without prior notice, and your continued access of TraVR Platform or use of the Services signifies your acceptance of the updated, amended or modified Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions in this Privacy Policy and/or any subsequent updates, amendments or modifications thereto, you must stop accessing or otherwise using TraVR Platform and the Services.
• Accordingly, please visit this page if you wish to access and view the current version of this Privacy Policy.

Collection of Information
• We may collect Personal Information about you that you provide to us while using TraVR Platform and information about how you use TraVR Platform including when you visit TraVR Platform or make reservations or bookings for any intended Services or using the Services. Providing your Personal Information to TraVR is always on a voluntary basis. However, we might not be able to provide you with certain Services if you choose not to give us your Personal Information. For example, we cannot process your service reservations or booking if we do not collect your name and contact details.
• If you make reservations or bookings for other individuals through the TraVR Platform, we may request personal information about such individual. You must obtain all requisite consent of such individuals and ensure they are aware of, understand and accept this Privacy Policy prior to providing their personal data to TraVR.

Storage of Information
• The Personal Information, booking information and other data we collect from you may be transferred to, processed, and stored in our servers or the servers of our third party services providers. Your Personal Information will be stored as long as is necessary to fulfill any of the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, or to comply with any (i) contractual requirement that are necessary for the provision of the Services, and (ii) legal, tax or accounting requirement.
• When it is no longer necessary for us to process your Personal Information, we will delete the data.
• Once we have received your information, we will use strict procedures and security measures to try to prevent unauthorized access. TraVR does not give any representation, warranty or undertaking that the Personal Information you provide to us will be secure at all times, and to the extent TraVR has fulfilled its obligations under no circumstances shall TraVR be responsible for any losses, damages, costs and expenses which you may suffer or incur arising from unauthorised access to or use of your Personal Information.

Disclosure of Information
• We may share and disclose your Personal Information and other data to third parties, some of whom may be located outside your home country. The circumstances under which such sharing and disclosure will take place may include without limitation, the following:
1. To successfully complete your service reservations, bookings, or to otherwise implement our Terms of Use. We may share your information with Operators or third parties (including but not limited to tour operators, activity providers, restaurants, shops, transportation companies, railway companies, cruise companies, amusement parks, telecommunication network operators, hotels, car rental companies, insurance companies, etc.), both within and outside your home country, who deliver or provide goods and services or otherwise act on our behalf.
2. If you are a visitor, to the relevant Operator in connection with a Services which you have made reservations and/or bookings for or intend to make reservations and/or bookings for.
3. If you are an Operator, to any visitor in connection with the Services you are offering.
4. To our third party service providers (e.g. Google Analytics), which we engage amongst others for the performance of certain services on our behalf, such as data analysis, marketing, market research, and to otherwise provide you with customer service.
5. If and to the extent required by any applicable law, order of court or requests by any governmental authority to make such disclosure.
• There may be links present on TraVR Platform which could result in you leaving TraVR Platform and/or being taken to other third party websites. You should note that any Personal Information that you provide to these third party websites are not subject to this Privacy Policy, and TraVR is not liable for any losses, damages, costs or expenses which you may suffer or incur in connection with you providing or making available Personal Information or other data to such third party websites.


當你使用本網站或稱為「TraVR平台」)以及TraVR或第三方營運者通過TraVR平台(「營運者」)提供的服務(「服務」)時,我們可能按本私隱政策收集,處理,使用和披露你的資料。本私隱政策中使用的「你」 及「你的」包括瀏覽TraVR平台或使用服務的任何人士。
請仔細閱讀本私隱政策。 瀏覽及使用TraVR平台,即表示你同意本私隱政策的個人資料的收集,處理,使用和披露。

• TraVR有權更新、修訂或修正本《私隱保護政策》的條款或任何部分,且無須發出事前通知,若你繼續使用TraVR平台或其服務,即表示你接受更新、修訂或修正的《私隱保護政策》。若你不同意本《私隱保護政策》的所有條款與條件,及/或日後更新、修訂或修正的內容,你必須停止瀏覽或以其他方式使用TraVR平台及服務。
• 因此,若你希望讀取和檢視現行版本的《私隱保護政策》,請繼續閱讀此網頁。

• 當你使用TraVR平台時,我們可能收集你提供給我們的你個人相關資料,以及你如何使用TraVR平台的資訊,包括你何時瀏覽TraVR平台,或預約任何想要的服務或使用服務。
• 用戶是按自願性質向TraVR提供個人資料的。但是,如果你選擇不向我們提供你的個人資料,我們可能無法為你提供某些服務。例如,如果我們不收集你的姓名和聯絡資料,我們將無法為你完成預約、預訂或其他服務。
• 如果你通過TraVR平台為其他人預約或預訂任何產品或服務,我們可能會要求你提供有關該人的個人資料。在向TraVR提供此人的個人資料前,你必須事先取得此人的同意,並確保他們了解,明白並接受本私隱政策。

• 我們向你收集的個人資料及其他預訂資料可能會被移轉到本公司的伺服器或本公司的第三方服務提供者的伺服器,並由本公司的伺服器或本公司的第三方服務提供者的伺服器處理和儲存。 我們將為符合本《私隱保護政策》中描述的任何目的;或任何(i)為提供服務所需的合同要求,以及(ii)法律,稅務或會計要求而言必需的時限內,保留你的個人資料。
• 當我們不再需要處理你的個人資料時,我們將刪除相關資料。
• 我們收到你的資料後,會使用嚴格的程序及安全功能,努力防止他人未經授權的存取。但TraVR未聲明、保證或承諾你提供給我們的個人資料隨時都會是安全的,且如果TraVR已履行其義務,對於你因為你個人資料受到未經授權的存取或使用而遭受或產生的任何損失、損害、成本及費用,TraVR在任何情況下均不須負任何責任。

• 我們可能將你的個人資料及其他資訊分享和披露給第三方,其中某些第三方可能位在你的國家以外的地方。我們會進行此等分享和披露的情況包括以下所述者,但不限於以下情況:
1. 為了成功完成你的預約、租賃及/或預訂,或以其他方式實行我們的《使用條款》, 我們可能會與來自你居住地或你居住地以外的營運者、提供商品和服務或代表我們行事的第三方營運者(包括但不限於旅行團營運者、活動供應商、餐廳、商舖、交通公司、鐵路公司、遊輪公司、主題樂園、電訊網絡營運商、酒店、租車公司、保險公司等)共享您的資訊。
2. 如果你是網站的訪客,我們可能分享給你預約、租賃及/或預訂或計劃預約、租賃及/或預訂服務的相關營運者;
3. 如果你是其他營運者,我們可能分享給與你提供的服務有關的訪客;
4. 分享給我們聘僱來代表我們執行某些服務的第三方服務提供者(包括Google Analytics) ,例如資料分析、行銷、市場研究,以及為你提供的其他顧客服務;
5. 任何可適用的法律、法院命令或政府機關要求披露資料;
• TraVR平台可能出現一些鏈結,這些鏈結可能造成你離開TraVR平台,及/或被帶往其他第三方網站。你應注意,你提供給這些第三方網站的任何個人資料並不受本《私隱保護政策》所規範,因此對於你因提供或讓此等第三方網站可取得個人資料或其他資料而遭受或發生的任何損失、損害、成本或費用,TraVR不負任何責任。