Villetta Di Negro is a lovely green oasis in the heart of Genoa. Climb past the towering statue to Mazzini, and head all the way to the top of the park past quaint waterfalls and odd pieces of the now-closed zoo. Reach the top, though, and find two stunning panoramas—one of the ancient city, and one of the modern 19th-century section of town.

尼格羅別墅 (Villetta Di Negro)是位於地中海第二大港口城市熱那亞中心的一個美麗的綠色綠洲。越過高聳的雕像到達馬齊尼(Mazzini),然後一直走過公園的頂部,穿過古樸的瀑布到達頂部,會發現一個令人驚嘆的景色:一邊是古城,一邊是19世紀的現代城鎮。

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    Piazzale Giuseppe Mazzini, 16122 Genova GE, Italy

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