Sestri Levante is a beautiful little town at the Ligurian Riviera approximately halfway between Genoa and La Spezia. While Portofino and the Cinque Terre are probably the most well known tourist destinations on the Italian Riviera, Sestri Levante is becoming more and more popular.

This once quiet fishing village is slowly turning into a tourist hotspot. The original part of Sestri Levante is actually on a peninsula, with the beautiful Baia del Silenzio, the bay of silence, on one side and Baia delle Favole, bay of the fables, on the other.

塞斯特里·萊萬特(Sestri Levante)是意大利利古里亞大區的一個美麗小鎮,實際上位於一個半島上,一側是美麗的寂靜灣Baia del Silenzio,而另一側是寓言灣Baya delle Favole。近年來,塞斯特里·萊萬特越來越受歡迎,這個曾經安靜的漁村正逐漸變成和著名的意大利五漁村(Cinque Terre)一樣的旅遊熱點。

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    Sestri Levante, Liguria, Italy

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