Rapallo is a town on the Italian Riviera coastline. It’s known for the hilltop Sanctuary of Our Lady of Montallegro, a pilgrimage site with sea views. The Castello di Rapallo, a 16th-century fortress, sits on the waterfront. Southwest, near Portofino village, 10th-century San Fruttuoso Abbey sits in a small cove. Nearby, the Portofino Protected Marine Area includes the underwater Christ of the Abyss bronze statue.

拉帕洛(Rapallo) 是意大利里維埃拉(Riviera)海岸線上的一個小鎮。它以聖母山頂聖所而聞名,這是一個朝聖的海景地點。

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    Rapallo, Liguria, Italy

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