The National Theater of Costa Rica or known as Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica, a great pride of Costa Rica, has hosted many amazing performances over the last century. You can enjoy opera, ballet, orchestra and other beautiful performances here. The National Theatre stood as a cultural asset of the country during a time when coffee exports were a source of its success. It presents high quality performances, with artistic criteria being very high.

The building is considered the finest historic building in the capital, and it is known for its exquisite interior which includes its lavish furnishings.

哥斯達黎加國家大劇院在上個世紀以來舉辦了許多令人驚嘆的表演。您可以在這裡欣賞歌劇,芭蕾舞,管弦樂隊和其他優美的表演。國家劇院在咖啡出口是其成功的源泉之際,它已成為該國的文化資產,呈現出高品質的表演和極高的藝術水準。 該建築被認為是首都最好的歷史建築,並且以其精美的內飾(包括豪華的家具)而聞名。

  • Location

    Avenida 2, calle1, Catedral, San José, Costa Rica

  • Facility

    Theatre / Souvenir Shop / Gallery

  • Opening Hours

    每日早上9:00 - 下午5:00
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm Everyday

  • Communication

    Tel: 2010-1100 - ext. 1114

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