The movie “Joker” was an unprecedented success, and the stories and characters in the movie caused a lot of discussion. In the movie, the long staircase where the clown dances with emotion is actually located in an inconspicuous block in New York City. The story background of “Joker” is set in the early 1980s, and this upwardly extending staircase can completely bring out the nostalgic street scene on the side. Just like the craze of shooting spots brought by many classic works, this place has also attracted attention because of the whirlwind after the release of “Joker”. In recent years, it has become a new landmark in New York and was named “Joker Stairs.” Many movie fans visited to check in, and even imitated Joaquin Phoenix dancing on the stairs.

電影「小丑《Joker》」獲得空前的成功,電影中的故事和角色引起許多討論。而在電影中小丑忘情舞蹈的長樓梯,其實位於紐約市內一個不起眼的一個街口。《Joker》故事背景設定在 1980 年代初期,而這條向上延伸的樓梯能完整地帶出一旁懷舊的街景樣貌。就像許多經典作品帶起的拍攝景點熱潮,這裡同樣因為《Joker》上映後的一波旋風而受到關注,近年更成為紐約的一個新地標,被取名為「Joker Stairs」。許多影迷紛紛到訪打卡,甚至模仿 Joaquin Phoenix 在階梯上舞蹈。

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