This park protects colossal Irazu, which, at 3,432 meters above sea level, is the tallest volcano in Costa Rica. The active volcano has a long history of eruptions. This protected area’s many geological features include the Hermosa Beach, Principal and Diego de la Haya craters, as well as the Sapper formation—the highest point in the massif, from which both Caribbean and Pacific coasts may be seen. Visitor services include information, a park ranger station, trails, restrooms, signage, a cafeteria, parking and several natural viewpoints.

伊拉蘇火山是哥斯達黎加境內最高的活火山,被稱為中美洲的藍眼淚。最大火山口形成了一個深度和顏色會改變的藍綠色湖泊-迭戈 德拉哈亞 (Diego de la Haya)。

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    Irazú Volcano, Cartago, Costa Rica

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