In Helen, you can immerse yourself in the Bavarian village of Northeast Georgia! It’s more than a bustling, artistic shopping district; the smells and sights will delight your senses. Feast on delicious German delicacies and float the beautiful Chattahoochee.

The Chattahoochee River flows gently through Helen, a re-creation of a Bavarian Alpine village, complete with cobblestone streets.

海倫是一個沉浸在佐治亞州東北的仿巴伐利亞阿爾卑斯山村莊。它不只是一個熱鬧的藝術購物區,小鎮中的氣味和風景會讓您的感官愉悅。遊客可在此品嚐美味的德國美食,並欣賞美麗的查塔胡奇河(Chattahoochee River)緩緩流經海倫。

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    美國 佐治亞州 海倫市
    Helen, Georgia, USA

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