Camogli is an exquisite borgo with a view on the Gulf of Paradise. A typical, romantic seaside village characterized by highly-stacked and vivaciously-painted houses, Camogli is part of a magnificent natural setting that has enchanted tourists the world over, for centuries. It is the calling for those wanting to enjoy a mix of relaxation, culture, seaside fun and great food.

與佛羅倫斯(Florence)距離約2.5小時車程的卡莫利(Camogli )是一個典型的浪漫海濱村莊,其特點是擁有堆積如山且色彩鮮豔的房屋,數百年來一直吸引著全世界的遊客。 這是那些嚮往享受放鬆、文化、海邊樂趣和美味佳餚的遊客們的度假勝地。大部分往意大利的遊客只認識五漁村(Cinque Terre),但其實 卡莫利也是非常美麗和值得遊覽的美麗海邊城市。

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    Camogli, Liguria, Italy

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