Lavagna is a delightful city on the Ligurian coast, the crescent-shaped slice of land that abuts the French border. The stretch of Mediterranean seafront is known as the Italian Riviera, making it a popular spot, yet Lavagna is relatively unknown despite its charm. It lies between Genova and La Spezia.
Basilica di Santo Stefano, a church of very ancient origins, was built on the remains of the large fortress. The overall structure is still of the late Renaissance type: the interior with three naves, supported by coupled columns, is embellished with polychrome marble that adorn the walls; the eleven altars are decorated with paintings by various famous painters.

拉瓦尼亞(Lavagna)是意大利利古里亞海岸上一座令人愉快的城市。地中海沿岸地區被稱為意大利里維埃拉(River Riviera),使其成為受歡迎的景點,然而,儘管拉瓦尼亞(Lavagna)具有魅力,卻相對不為人知。

聖斯特凡諾大教堂便坐落於拉瓦尼亞(Lavagna)。 這座教堂的起源很古老,建在大堡壘的遺跡上,整體結構仍然是文藝復興後期的類型:內部有三間中殿,由相連的柱子支撐,牆壁上裝飾著彩色大理石。十一座祭壇上裝飾著各種畫家的畫作和大理石雕像。

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    Via Nuova Italia, 132, 16033 Lavagna GE, Italy

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