Albenga, situated in the middle of a wide inlet with a sandy beach at the mouth of the Centa river, reconciles its role as an important market in the horticultural and fruit and vegetable sector (famous for the heart-shaped tomatoes, artichokes and violet Albenga asparagus) with its vocation for seaside, outdoor and historical-cultural tourism.

It has a Historic Center, one of the most interesting and best preserved in western Liguria, which has earned it the nickname “”City of the Hundred Towers””, where it is possible to relive the history of the ancient Romans, visiting the Naval Museum, where they are located the amphorae of the largest Roman trade vessel ever found in the Mediterranean, or find in the Museum of Palazzo Oddo all the blown glass objects used by the Romans, including the famous Blue Plate.


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    Albenga, Liguria, Italy

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